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Here's what some actors have to say about their SMT experience

"I LOVE S.M.T! ...it has been the missing link for me in my memorization, really! I just did my first script using SMT exercises after really understanding the video instructions ...it was amazing! ...it's been something I have needed to get over a few humps in my craft ...can't wait to use it for future scripts and for my speaker scripts, too. I'll keep you posted on the journey! Thanks guys-"
~Kayla Bergholz, Actress 

After auditing one of our workshops: 
"...Never seen anything like it. I thought I was unteachable, and even just watching I learned things. Highly recommended!! For ALL levels...!"
Bill LeVasseur, Actor & Talent Manager
WARNING: Some scripts may contain adult content and harsh language; 
read thoroughly.

Different - Dramatic  
Pages: 2
Characters:  2 teen males
Troy, High School age
Andrew, High School age 
Troy tries to express his sympathy over what happened to Andrew's friend, but his presumptions get in the way.

Grounded For Sister Light dramatic
Pages: 2+ 
Characters: 1 teen boy, teen girl
Mike, 16 - 18
Anne, 13 - 14  
Mike gets grounded for fighting another kid. His younger sister Anne discovers it had more to do with her than the other kid. 

Kra Magaga Light
Pages: 2 
Characters: 2 teen girls
Nicole, high school ageage
Tabitha, high school age  age
Synopsis: Tabitha tries to apologize to Nicole for being a lousy friend to her.  

Our New Baby Brother - Fun
Pages: 2 
Characters: 1 boy, teen girl
Mitch, 8-10
Tracy, 14-16  
Siblings, Mitch and Tracy are getting acquainted with their new baby brother. Each let the little guy know what they expect from him. 

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