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This page contains MockSides TM from our miscellaneous TV teleplays and screenplays with varying roles from major to minor. They are specifically written for audition practice and are ideal for casting director style workshops. Normally when an actor auditions for TV or film, they will receive a brief log-line or story description along with general character breakdowns. Our sides do not contain any elaborate breakdowns or even set-ups; we do this INTENTIONALLY so you can exercise your imagination as to what the story and scenes may be about. 

When making your choices and layering your character, you may consider the following SCENE STUDY EXERCISES  when using these sides:

  • What medium and genre does the scene represent (TV, film, drama, comedy, suspense, etc)?
  • What scenes may have taken place prior to this one?
  • What is the purpose of this scene (how does it serve the story)?
  • Which characters are leading, supporting, starring, co-starring, day-player, etc.
  • What is the purpose of each character within the scene?
  • What are the "moments before" leading into this scene (for all characters)?
  • What is the relationship between characters?
  • What are the intentions, wants or needs of each character?
  • What are the "moments after" for each character?
  • How is this scene supposed to make the audience think and/or feel?
  • What scenes are likely to take place later in the story?

The questions above are just to help you to make choices based on an understanding of the story.

Mrs. Mathers, 40-50, 7 lines
Frank, FBI Agent

Lost Treasures
Winney, female, 60+, 8 lines
Linda, female, 40's, 8 lines

His Honor
Melissa, 20's, assault victim, 3 lines
Edwin, 35+, Prosecutor, 3 lines
Elrod, 30+, Defendant, 7 lines
Judge Crowley, 50+, 7 lines

Bumps in the Night   
Steven, 25+, 25 lines
Patrick, 25+, 27 lines (1 speech)
Deputy Barnes, 30+, 2 lines
Sheriff Beacon, 40+, 3 lines

Dead Source 
Detective Carter: 13 lines
Detective Harris: 14 lines
Melanie (Waitress): 13 lines

Home Invasion
Thomas (Husband) 8 lines
Billy, teen (paper boy), 6 lines
Victor, male, 2 lines
Melody, (Wife), 2 lines

Hannah's Homestead - Western
Hannah, 25+; 8 lines
Deputy Barnes, 25+; 8 lines
Reverend Caldwell, 35+; 3 lines

The Wedding Help
Jeremy, 25+- 8 lines
Dillon, 25+ - 7 lines

Rest In Peace   
Keeper, male, 60+ 6 lines
Maureen, female, 16+, 8 lines

Friends and Lovers
Morris, male, late 20's, 15 lines
Cameron, male, late 20's 13 lines

Third Party
Ben, male, 12 lines
Jenny, female, 12 lines
Tom, male, 7 lines

The Friend Zone 
Sandra, female, 10 lines
Mark, male, 11 lines
Gary, (slimy), male, 7 lines
Waitress, female, 3 lines 

Body on the Mountain
Sheriff Haskins, male, 7 lines
Dr. Larson, female, 10 lines
Deputy Wallace, male, 3 lines

That Guy
Tony, 25+ 6 lines
Clerk, open, 3 lines
Andrea, 25+ - 2 lines

Serving the Judge  
A.D.A. Borman, 30+, 9 lines
Judge Moody, malem 60+, 8 lines

Virginia, female, 40's, 4 lines
Thompson, male, 40 - 50, 4 lines

The Rise and Fall of Mikey
Mikey, male, 9 lines
Cindy, female, 10 lines
Roger, male, 8 lines
Rebecca, female, 4 lines

Lundgren Lost
Kelsey, female, attractive, 4 lines
Hunter, male, attractive, 4 lines
Mary, female 40's, 5 lines
Tom, male 40's, 6 lines

A Change in Management
Mr. Halloway, 70's, 10 lines
Scott, 10 lines
Young Woman, 6 lines
Jeremy, 2 lines
Here's what some actors have to say about their SMT experience

"I LOVE S.M.T! ...it has been the missing link for me in my memorization, really! I just did my first script using SMT exercises after really understanding the video instructions ...it was amazing! ...it's been something I have needed to get over a few humps in my craft ...can't wait to use it for future scripts and for my speaker scripts, too. I'll keep you posted on the journey! Thanks guys-"
~Kayla Bergholz, Actress 
"David's memorization technique alone is worth a month of class. Astonishing -- we're getting a script at the beginning of class and 45 minutes later we can do it, with choices made and context understood."
Nelson Goforth, Actor

"It's TRUE! I did the homework (scene study and SMT) and it worked like a charm! When I got into the audition and was busy listening to directions, I didn't have time to worry about the words or my character. When action was called I slipped right into my choices and delivered without thinking. Studying with Dave and Chad has taught me how to read through sides once and come out making good decisions about the role and how to serve the story."
~ Tannia Kustka, Actor, Producer

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